Nu-left Dopes

Find myself agreeing with Brendan O’Neill here, the campaign to legalise weed is one of big business and Nu-left student revolutionaries who never grew up. It is of course not soley blamed for societies apathy nor is alcohol fuelled insurrection or revolution mentioned, (as one anarchist who argued with me about it absurdly brought up) whatsoever. I advised him to read the article again. And besides we have had many revolutions, they just haven’t taken the form he had wished, so he conveniently hadn’t noticed. And no they have not been ‘meaningful and productive,’ revolutions rarely are and are mainly empty and destructive causing countless untold miseries that were never counted on by the minority of self-serving fools who orchestrate them.

With regard to the pubs and bars, it merely depends where you are drinking as to whether you will have good political craic. I have had many interesting and meaningful debates in my local and in other towns compared to the doped up droolings I overhear at squat gigs and the kind of mindless ‘radical’ tripe they scrawl on the back of rizla packets. As for ‘direct action,’ that would depend what is meant. Largely an empty buzz word for Trots/far-left creeps and other such people who are so stoned out their brains they believe sending used tampons to medical research workers and terrorising their families is productive. So I will give that a miss. Right-wing Libertarian views on legalisation are universally rejected by the public when given an actual say. Only UKIP and the Greens share these fringe views that have all been dispelled countless times and so don’t hold sway with most of the public. People confusing selfish and damaging license with actual liberty is pure insanity.

The idea that legalising will make drugs ‘safer’ is a misleading total non-sequitur at best. Drugs we don’t know how will effect an individuals mind in either short or long term cannot be safe by definition and end up costing the individual and society dearly in many ways. These views on legalisation are that of the laissez-faire New Right and decadent New Left hence only UKIP and Green fringe parties agree. Obviously. Nothing to do with ‘safety’ or the nonsense of the much vaunted ‘harm reduction’ idea.

Interestingly as I read the piece I heard “Legal does not mean safe” from the TV. I looked up in shock as the liberal BBC does not normally allow such self-evident facts on the matter to be aired. It was a woman on Crimewatch discussing her daughters death after taking one of your good ol ‘safe’ legal drugs. What left minded person would cheerlead the profiteering from people’s misery and death? We should be deterring young people from taking these drugs in the first place not debating how to deal with the inevitable fall out at great expense to not only the public purse but importantly individuals and families who can have their lives ended and or ruined.

What adults do behind lace curtains is one thing, but laws are in place to protect children, basic deterence has nothing to do with trying to lock up everyone who has a joint at the weekend. Problem is since 60s/70s we have ceased to properly enforce the law as admitted by the Police, (recent head of Police shockingly claims he is ‘proud to be a social worker’) and so whole system is fucked. Police should police, that is, enforce the law. If they actually did, you would see use among young decline and mental health issues be far less prevalent, thus more money would be saved in the public purse for rehabilitation and the NHS, and most importantly less graves for the young would be reuiqred.

The point of the good article I will link to was to highlight that while many on the modern left think they are ‘right on’ and ‘fighting the power’ for campaigning for legalisation, they are actually entirely conformist and short-sighted. It’s the Thatcherite cry of ‘I do what I want fuck society.’ Brendan O’neill is bang on the money here. He writes: “Smoking dope doesn’t make you dark. It makes you square. There’s a reason marijuana is the most cheered and celebrated drug among liberal observers and politicians – it’s because it pacifies people, turning them from complicated humans with rough edges into doped-up dullards too spaced out to do anything more daring than eat their own body weight in Wotsits. Dope erases individual darkness….this drug more than any other calms people down, makes us un-social, invites us to live quietly in our own little heads – and the rulers of society love nothing more than a vision of a timid, peaceful, unquestioning populace…Britain’s Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) says booze is the really “addictive drug”, sounding like an authoritarian, New Labour-like bore as it moans about “drink-frenzied Britain” and says that cannabis, by contrast, “is well known for its calming effects”. It’s these calming effects that the great and the good are so keen on…Today’s illiberal liberals and nanny staters hate booze because it’s a social lubricant – it crashes people together in a sozzled frenzy and makes us cut loose, take risks, try our luck with people we fancy. And they instinctively like cannabis because it does the opposite – it’s an isolating drug, cutting us off from one another and making us meek, mild, sappy and square. It isn’t a hippyish love of liberty that makes officials and others feel favourable towards cannabis today – it’s a Brave New World-style desire to promote substances that will most successfully stupefy the masses. So calm down about One Direction. They’re only (allegedly) trying out a drug that every single square in politics and the media is super keen on. If you really want to rebel these days, forget dope – swig from a four-litre bottle of cider instead and watch as the political class goes into furious meltdown over your crazy, reckless antics.” Full article – (

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Hairy business

Amused to read a small piece in yesterday’s Telegraph that informs us in the 1950s director Alvin Rakoff told Sean Connery to essentially tone down or drop his Scottish accent as it was ‘off-putting’ and meant he would not be ‘destined for better things.’ He was, of course, wrong but perhaps herein lies Connery’s silly bitter reasons for backing the Salmond creature. My half-uncle who was also an old-fashioned Theatre director/producer once similarly told a Scottish actress I knew to always strictly speak in RP/Queen’s English when on cans backstage. But for every pompous English person disliking the Scottish tone there is an irritating bigoted Scottish Nationalist trying to blame all his problems on the English race and stir up pointless divisions. Tit for tat, both positions are ludicrously foolish. Coincidentally enough, that same uncle of mine also directed a young Sean Connery back in the day and informed me that at the time (while in his twenties) Connery lacked any chest hair and it had to be stuck on for a part. So, there you have it. You heard it here first. Connery is a hairless freak and thus probably a NWO reptilian shapeshifter. Vote NO in the referendum friends.

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Love Rats & Royal Loos

May have to call my next band Tunisian Love Rats – (

Meanwhile, Martine! – (

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The Harper Man

Been seeing them live for over 11 years now and thankfully there is no sign of them stopping anytime soon. Happy 70th Birthday Charlie Harper.

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A strange alliance of odious bores

( There you have it. Whether you are a gung-ho neo-liberal/Conservative or a far-left Anarchist or any other irrational Putin hater, say hello to your intellectual Godfather. What a strange alliance of odious bores from revolutionaries to monarchs that are peddling this offensive and absurd line. The shame is entirely with you. Move over Prince Philip, we have a new comedian in town. I noticed with some amusement the lame Hertfordshire audience on QT tonight sniggering nervously at the reasonable suggestion Putin has been pushed to act. They should of been reminded that cameras were rolling before they saluted the Prince Charles line. The neo-nazis are in Kiev burning people alive NOT in Russia trying to bring stability to the region. The Cold war is over you fools.

We then had the displeasure of Jack Monroe (the short-haired Grauniad food critic, honestly where do they get these people?) whining – “I came within 5 inches of Putin and am still getting over it.” Frankly, you all need to get over it. But as I shouted at the TV at the time – Go on hating Russia if it makes you feel better about condoning the slaughter in Kiev. Go on. The cameras are still rolling…

See here for a wonderful spoof on the whole affair – (

Why is it that the false Ukraine ‘Government’ is considered a legitimate body with unquestionable ‘sovereignty’ by the liberal press whereas the People’s Republic of Donetsk is always patronisingly pre-figured with the phrase ‘self-proclaimed.’ Well, quite. But at least the majority of the public there didn’t have to riot and murder to establish an opinion, unlike the selfish minority of far right thugs who have destabilised the entire region in their bloody Kiev coup and set about all these events in motion. The pro-Russians have been democratic and measured in their self-determination, whereas the radicals in Kiev have been murdering the public who question them and kidnapping journalists including a British man who dare to shine a light on their activities.

See here – ( and here- ( and here – (

Also – ( He is wrong about Thatcher of course, but on the other points who will seriously contradict Steven Seagal at this point. I dare you to.

Please also share the following news widely-

Meanwhile I am now watching the BBC election coverage with some considerable shock. Dimbleby on Sunderland vote- “UKIP making significant gains in an area they have never fought before.” Gosh, it must be difficult to make a gain from zero. Impressive party chaps. A boring toothless pressure group comes second in a local council vote. I for one am trembling.

This is absurd stuff. Dimbleby is either a closet kipper or he is trying to create abit of drama so we feel we get our license fees worth. “We musn’t underestimate the power of ukip to disrupt the national political climate…even if they don’t win council seats or have a chance of winning a seat in wetsminster next year.” You couldn’t make this up it is beyond parody. He also rudely interrupted Tristram Hunt* during QT to declare – “We don’t want to know about Labour, we’re talking about UKIP.” I thought, David Dimbleby speak for yourself pal, you are the one who continues to invite on a party who represent nobody whatsoever in the country in Parliament. And why the fuck was there some cow from a property TV show on the panel? Worst QT I have seen in some time, but must get to bed, up early for work as usual and unlike the panel.

* Who by the way I have little time for, he seems to resemble a limp Action Man figurine, with all of the artificial plasticity and none of the testicles. You should strive to have genitalia in politics. I mean, even Thatcher owned a dick, (his name was Heseltine).

PS- ( Coming over here, non-consensually sitting on our penises. And they thought this candidate was in favour of withdrawal… Dear Dimbleby next time please stop willfully allowing the panel to waste the entire programme discussing a party who will ironically only ever win a seat on Question Time itself and never in the commons. Please stop wasting my Thursday nights.

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The knife

“London will soon be a city that only functions well only for stateless oligarchs and 27-year olds in finance. The goose isn’t dead yet. But a hedge fund manager is holding its neck on the chopping block while a tax exile sharpens the knife.”

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Reading is dangerous

Unbelievable stuff from the land of Freedom – ( The saddest part of this is it is the students themselves encouraging this proposal.

“Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America. You are free to do what we tell you. You are free to do what we tell you.”

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