Midwives To Perform Abortions

A brilliant summary from David Lindsay here. The desperate people in the comments section made me chuckle. I especially liked Lindsay’s retort, “The Chairman and the Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group are both Labour MPs (the former is also a signatory to the One Nation Society), and its Clerk is a Labour Councillor. Well, of course. What else were they going to be?” and “In general, go back to America.” So true. In 1988 for instance Thatcher refused to allow abortion to be brought up for a vote when there was a majority to lower the limit to twelve weeks. She was a liberal through and through. On the subject of Midwives performing abortions David Lindsay writes:

“That’s Conservative Governments for you. Margaret Thatcher legalised abortion up to birth.

Although this proposal has been doing the rounds, so to speak, for decades, the last Labour Government never did it.

Just as it never introduced same-sex marriage, which Gordon Brown, uniquely among Party Leaders, specifically ruled out in the run-up to the last General Election. (He also used to publish entire newspaper articles very cogently setting out the case against assisted suicide.)

But then, John Major made divorce legally easier than release from a car hire contract. That’s Conservative Governments for you.

No wonder that hardly any practising Catholics would ever vote for either of the Coalition parties.

Proportionately probably even fewer of the attendees at the fast-growing black-majority churches, thanks to whom London has a much higher rate of churchgoing than the rest of the country, would ever do so.

Nor would most of the Anglican clergy give them the time of day anymore. The Anglican laity will take a bit more work. The pity is that, on things like this, the Conservatives can blame the Lib Dems.

Anna Soubry may be a former SDP member, but she has never been a Lib Dem. She it was who peremptorily ended all consultation on the abortion laws, on the grounds that the Government simply did not care what the public thought.

That did not happen under Labour, either.” (http://davidaslindsay.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/midwives-to-perform-abortions.html)

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