Hairy business

Amused to read a small piece in yesterday’s Telegraph that informs us in the 1950s director Alvin Rakoff told Sean Connery to essentially tone down or drop his Scottish accent as it was ‘off-putting’ and meant he would not be ‘destined for better things.’ He was, of course, wrong but perhaps herein lies Connery’s silly bitter reasons for backing the Salmond creature. My half-uncle who was also an old-fashioned Theatre director/producer once similarly told a Scottish actress I knew to always strictly speak in RP/Queen’s English when on cans backstage. But for every pompous English person disliking the Scottish tone there is an irritating bigoted Scottish Nationalist trying to blame all his problems on the English race and stir up pointless divisions. Tit for tat, both positions are ludicrously foolish. Coincidentally enough, that same uncle of mine also directed a young Sean Connery back in the day and informed me that at the time (while in his twenties) Connery lacked any chest hair and it had to be stuck on for a part. So, there you have it. You heard it here first. Connery is a hairless freak and thus probably a NWO reptilian shapeshifter. Vote NO in the referendum friends.

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