A strange alliance of odious bores

(http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/prince-charles-compares-vladimir-putin-3579105) There you have it. Whether you are a gung-ho neo-liberal/Conservative or a far-left Anarchist or any other irrational Putin hater, say hello to your intellectual Godfather. What a strange alliance of odious bores from revolutionaries to monarchs that are peddling this offensive and absurd line. The shame is entirely with you. Move over Prince Philip, we have a new comedian in town. I noticed with some amusement the lame Hertfordshire audience on QT tonight sniggering nervously at the reasonable suggestion Putin has been pushed to act. They should of been reminded that cameras were rolling before they saluted the Prince Charles line. The neo-nazis are in Kiev burning people alive NOT in Russia trying to bring stability to the region. The Cold war is over you fools.

We then had the displeasure of Jack Monroe (the short-haired Grauniad food critic, honestly where do they get these people?) whining – “I came within 5 inches of Putin and am still getting over it.” Frankly, you all need to get over it. But as I shouted at the TV at the time – Go on hating Russia if it makes you feel better about condoning the slaughter in Kiev. Go on. The cameras are still rolling…

See here for a wonderful spoof on the whole affair – (http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/international/putin-compares-charles-to-anthea-turner-2014052186804)

Why is it that the false Ukraine ‘Government’ is considered a legitimate body with unquestionable ‘sovereignty’ by the liberal press whereas the People’s Republic of Donetsk is always patronisingly pre-figured with the phrase ‘self-proclaimed.’ Well, quite. But at least the majority of the public there didn’t have to riot and murder to establish an opinion, unlike the selfish minority of far right thugs who have destabilised the entire region in their bloody Kiev coup and set about all these events in motion. The pro-Russians have been democratic and measured in their self-determination, whereas the radicals in Kiev have been murdering the public who question them and kidnapping journalists including a British man who dare to shine a light on their activities.

See here – (http://rt.com/usa/160300-us-ukraine-russian-journalists/) and here- (http://rt.com/news/160296-kiev-detained-rt-journalist/) and here – (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100272554/putin-is-no-hitler-beware-foreign-policy-built-on-historical-cliches/)

Also – (http://www.buzzfeed.com/maxseddon/steven-seagal-has-some-thoughts-about-vladimir-putin-and-ukr) He is wrong about Thatcher of course, but on the other points who will seriously contradict Steven Seagal at this point. I dare you to.

Please also share the following news widely-

Meanwhile I am now watching the BBC election coverage with some considerable shock. Dimbleby on Sunderland vote- “UKIP making significant gains in an area they have never fought before.” Gosh, it must be difficult to make a gain from zero. Impressive party chaps. A boring toothless pressure group comes second in a local council vote. I for one am trembling.

This is absurd stuff. Dimbleby is either a closet kipper or he is trying to create abit of drama so we feel we get our license fees worth. “We musn’t underestimate the power of ukip to disrupt the national political climate…even if they don’t win council seats or have a chance of winning a seat in wetsminster next year.” You couldn’t make this up it is beyond parody. He also rudely interrupted Tristram Hunt* during QT to declare – “We don’t want to know about Labour, we’re talking about UKIP.” I thought, David Dimbleby speak for yourself pal, you are the one who continues to invite on a party who represent nobody whatsoever in the country in Parliament. And why the fuck was there some cow from a property TV show on the panel? Worst QT I have seen in some time, but must get to bed, up early for work as usual and unlike the panel.

* Who by the way I have little time for, he seems to resemble a limp Action Man figurine, with all of the artificial plasticity and none of the testicles. You should strive to have genitalia in politics. I mean, even Thatcher owned a dick, (his name was Heseltine).

PS- (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ukip-candidate-peter-lello-arrested-3585403#.U30m2msUqSs) Coming over here, non-consensually sitting on our penises. And they thought this candidate was in favour of withdrawal… Dear Dimbleby next time please stop willfully allowing the panel to waste the entire programme discussing a party who will ironically only ever win a seat on Question Time itself and never in the commons. Please stop wasting my Thursday nights.

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