Trophies & Prize idiots

Olivia Colman should not even be awarded an Equity card let alone a BAFTA. Could it be that she feels the need to profusely swear and make a blubbering scene because she has in fact nothing remotely interesting to say at all? Perish the thought.

Cilla Black? Give me a fucking break. She has been busy recently suggesting only young attractive people should be seen on TV yet this didn’t stop her boring acceptance speech rambling on for half an hour. It would be worth noting Charlie Harper is also seventy years of age now, still putting out amazing punk records and constantly gigging. ‘Special’ award my arse.

Meanwhile, UKIP council candidate Winston Mckenzie says Farage sensible for not coming to Croydon as it is “unbearable,” “unsafe and a dump” and suggested Farage could have been stabbed. Very patriotic chaps. Croydon 1, laissez-faire charlatans nil.


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