Fillies and filling you in

“By golly she’s a smart filly!” Enjoying the Channel 4 Racing this afternoon. The British Eurovision entry song was playing in the background earlier. It’s over Molly, stop pushing it. You are evidently *not* a smart filly. Then again, what with the role of the horse in human culture, perhaps ‘power to the people’ is more than appropriate. And we break for adverts…

And now, if I may, fill you all in on some updates.

– ( “The Tories have made working people on average £1600 PER YEAR WORSE OFF. Labour Councillors in our Borough made any minimum wage full time worker £4950 per year BETTER OFF.” If you think that means something to you, your friends, families or neighbours then you know what to do. Or you can waste your vote on fantasist candidates in the Greens who write up wish-list manifestos and haven’t a clue how they would begin to implement them. Of course such people know they will never be challenged on this, as they are fully aware they haven’t even the slightest hope of a sniff power. There is only one party fit to Govern. But it’s up to you.

– ( And the award for stating the obvious goes to…

– ( Austin Mitchell is a political giant compared to the whiney tumblr ‘feminists’ who are trying to shout him down. Give it up, you won’t win. That he used rape *as a metaphor* was actually poignant and extremely accurate given the circumstances. That you don’t understand the English language is nobodies problem but your own.

– ( “Telepathic aliens are targeting Wales in a bid to harvest its superior genetic material” Seems legitimate to me. Welsh women are often unmatched in beauty and I for one could listen to them all day.

– ( I wonder if the liberal press will now stop pretending Turkey is some great free place. There are fewer regions more corrupt, where journalists are routinely locked up and beaten. But no, you will just continue to demonise Russia and ignore everywhere else. Have fun with that.

– ( Some strong points made here, worth a read.

– ( You are wearing German uniforms, sleeping in American tents and donning ballistic vests from France (who even themselves rightly refuse to stop trading with Russia). Your linen is donated by afew washer women. Give up. It is over. And as for NATO troops, you should not even be there in the first place. Stand down before it is too late.

– ( Ed Miliband is of course entirely correct here. True traditionalist conservatives should be coming home to Labour, the only party who will conserve what is great about Britain. The laissez-faire Tory party with their Lib Dem buddies are merely neo-liberal utopians who practice hippy ‘free’ market economics and as John Smith put it, elevate the market “into a theological obsession.” There is nothing whatsoever conservative about that as any Burkean would be able to tell you in a matter of seconds.

– ( And speaking of Miliband, this was way funnier than the Daily Mail mental breakdown of ‘The man who hated Britain.’ This lady at least had far more creativity- “He was obviously steaming drunk…Only a Beligian, a Belgian Communist could kill a kitten in cold blood like that. The red bastard”

– ( A very funny Daily Mash piece to end on. Hope you are all having a productive Thursday.

– Oh, and dear anarchists/Communists I can no longer hold my tongue on seeing the fifth one today. Please stop writing up tortured facebook statuses and having distressed debates over if to, or who to vote for in the upcoming elections. It is laughably pathetic and rather tedious that I seem to know your political philosophy better than you do, so let me be plain. The revolutionary anarchist line has always been thus- *To vote is as revolutionary as not to vote, that is to say, not at all.* In layman’s terms- to you, it doesn’t/shouldn’t fucking matter, though some anarchists chose to tactically keep out who they deem a lesser evil in marginal seats, (they normally get that wrong as well). But no. Do what you want, or even what have been know to do, that is sit in a park and in an act of extraordinary public masturbation ignorantly burn your ballot papers. Or if you like turn up and waste your vote on the ridiculous green party. In any case, those of us in the real world also couldn’t care less what you do with your vote. Your numbers are so minuscule you will never make the remotest difference to the outcome of an election, nor any real change in society with your ‘direct actions’ for that matter; (i.e. shouting at Eton schoolboys in a creepy fashion or sending used tampons to medical research labs hard working people and their families or breathing deeply down the phone to pub landlords who put on bands you don’t like). Pipe down for once, stop clogging up the newsfeed with this adolescent crap or go discuss it in the boring squats away from us all. Good day.

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