Bothered and Scared

Nevermind Karl Marx’s birthday. It was Fyodor Dostoevsky who in 1877 remarked, “In Europe they scream of ‘Russian invasions’ and ‘Russian treachery,’ yet only to frighten their masses when needed, for the shouters themselves hardly believe any of it, nor have they ever believed it. On the contrary, they are now bothered and scared that in Russia’s image there is something upright, something too unselfish, honest and disdainful of usurpation and bribery.” He may as well have been writing in 2014 where now the New York Times finally concedes that it is many Ukrainians on the ground who demand Russia’s aid and who’s affinity to her will not be deterred by Western meddling. Well thanks for eventually beginning to report accurately NYT, but you know what? I knew it already. (

( Moreover, not content with having most of the Western media on their side, these murderers now seek to snuff out any reporter who dares to shine a light on their activities. Meanwhile the Jewish community in Odessa are preparing for a mass evacuation should the conflict escalate. That supposed great friend of minority groups Obama will of course continue to turn a blind eye while masturbating to his ‘Cold War’ script. It falls to Vladimir Putin to protect the people of Ukraine and I believe future historians will struggle to grasp the sheer denial of US/EU voices in these matters.

I also have been finding it quite amusing to see people on the far-left and anarchists on social media finally wake up to what has been going on in Ukraine as the bodies continue to pile up. Well done, you are only about 5 months late, (such people originally supported the ‘uprising’ in Ukraine believing as they do in the adolescent dialectic of the all holy ‘people’ destabilising the all tyrannical ‘power’ of the democratically elected gov’t as a good in of itself, that is, they couldn’t look beyond their own dogma and egos to the reality of the situation). The phrase ‘neither Brussels nor Moscow, but international Socialism’ has been bandied around by many an excited Western student, (who fake at loving a good riot unless it was on their doorstep of course) as if it actually meant something to those who’s families are being butchered alive by deranged far-right radicals. Get a grip, you lot will turn any tragedy into political capital for your dead causes which makes you no better than the trots you pretend to loathe. I wonder how many more months until you all work out the actual solution?

Proper old Left writer Neil Clark always took a critical approach and like afew brave others, (actually including the unfashionable conservative Peter Hitchens) have been proven correct – “it’s up now to the US, to get on the phone to Kiev and to tell them to stop this operation. If this doesn’t happen, we could all be in some very dangerous territory indeed because Russia surely can’t just sit back and allow Russian people to be murdered.” I won’t be holding my breath re Obama though, will you? And those on the ground in Ukraine will not forget those who supported this inevitable bloodshed right up until people were being set alight, hang your heads in shame.

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