Hits And Misses

This is interesting from The Guardian – (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/apr/28/domestic-violence-first-womens-refuge-saved-my-life?CMP=fb_gu) More power to the brilliant women who work at these refuges. My only point is that if, as Jenny contends, “levels of domestic violence at epidemic rates..and two women dying a week on average, she feels little has really changed.” Then is it not time modern feminists re-evaluated the situation? I believe attacking and weakening marriage was the wrong ‘solution’ to the problem. Or why are the cases of abuse even higher now? That life long marriage is now easier to get out of than a parking ticket is rarely discussed, but incidents of abuse are far more common amongst households with serial boyfriends. Indeed often children are raised in unstable homes where violence is far more likely to occur and yet modern feminists refuse to discuss these topics. Why? Instead they are spending their time currently bullying the beautiful Kirsten Dunst for merely defending motherhood, (the hardest job anyone will ever do ever). Such people shame the history of the true women’s liberation movement.

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