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Hairy business

Amused to read a small piece in yesterday’s Telegraph that informs us in the 1950s director Alvin Rakoff told Sean Connery to essentially tone down or drop his Scottish accent as it was ‘off-putting’ and meant he would not be … Continue reading

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Love Rats & Royal Loos

May have to call my next band Tunisian Love Rats – ( Meanwhile, Martine! – (

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The Harper Man

Been seeing them live for over 11 years now and thankfully there is no sign of them stopping anytime soon. Happy 70th Birthday Charlie Harper.

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A strange alliance of odious bores

( There you have it. Whether you are a gung-ho neo-liberal/Conservative or a far-left Anarchist or any other irrational Putin hater, say hello to your intellectual Godfather. What a strange alliance of odious bores from revolutionaries to monarchs that are … Continue reading

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The knife

“London will soon be a city that only functions well only for stateless oligarchs and 27-year olds in finance. The goose isn’t dead yet. But a hedge fund manager is holding its neck on the chopping block while a tax … Continue reading

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Reading is dangerous

Unbelievable stuff from the land of Freedom – ( The saddest part of this is it is the students themselves encouraging this proposal. “Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, … Continue reading

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Trophies & Prize idiots

Olivia Colman should not even be awarded an Equity card let alone a BAFTA. Could it be that she feels the need to profusely swear and make a blubbering scene because she has in fact nothing remotely interesting to say … Continue reading

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