The Lanchester Review

The tone, not line of The Lanchester Review is established, a new political publication with a range of fascinating voices; thus far proprietor and editor David Lindsay, old Labour MP (in both senses) Bryan Gould, associate editor of Labour Uncut Kevin Meagher and several edifying writers- Taym Saleh, Richard Cotton, Matt Cooper, Ian Oakley, Matt Cooper and Luke Blaxill. I have also been invited as a contributing writer and encourage you all to have a look at the opening nine essays including my own on the folly of ‘votes at 16.’ Thank you.

“The Right is in crisis following the collapse of the neoliberal economic order and of its neoconservative geopolitics. The Left is in crisis due to the second collapse of Marxism in as many generations, namely that of Trotskyism in the form of neoconservatism. No one seems to know how to address such questions…” (

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