Follow your leaders

Natalie Bennet discusses what ‘she hates about the Tories.’ Now I could never be a Tory, but the problem here is Bennet doesn’t know what a Tory is nor does she understand the British Labour movement or well, much of anything when it comes to UK politics. Just listen to her. It actually scares me somewhat that a creature this thick could ascend to the (admittedly timid) heights of leading a gaggle of greenies. But still. People are ringing her to come in for interview. This truly unnerves me.

On her smug comments congratulating the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their child and *all other babies born that day boooom edgy bro*- “I hope they’d all have an equal chance of becoming our elected head of state.” Afew minutes later, “we are developing towards a more presidential style of politics and thats not terribly healthy.” You could not make it up. Bennet wouldn’t understand a Constitutional Monarchy nor Parliamentary Democracy if they smashed her pompous face in. As they will. One green in the commons is one green too many. Get these half-educated liberal imbeciles out of British politics immediately.

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