Bottomless Pits

Everybodies favourite Liberal election broadcast. One nonce (Cyril Smith) endorsed by another, Thatcher’s own bosom buddy- Jimmy Savile. Thankfully I am informed both have since been confined to bottomless pits… These are your permissive extreme laissez-faire allies dear woolly liberals. The Nick Clegg creature has now demanded he be permitted to dissolve the Church (not satire). These megalomaniacs will go to any lengths to remove moral obstacles and any form of societal solidarity that will get in the way of them selling off our Country. The Lib Dems were the only party to commit to privatising Royal Mail in their last manifesto. They are coming for our National Health Service next with their other neo-liberal coalition cronies the Tory party. European Elections loom, may I humbly suggest once more that we kick out the liberals? Afterall, Bunnies can and *will* go to France…

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