The Sisterdumb

Poor Kirsten. So much for the ‘Sisterhood’ then, (or perhaps we should say Sisterdumb), the fact that Kirsten Dunst articulates a well thought out traditional viewpoint of her own means she is hounded by shrill conformist trolls of the lowest order. It is quite deplorable. Kirsten makes a passionate pro-feminine case for valuing motherhood, (the hardest job anyone will ever do) and yet is abused by jealous harpies who laughably purport to speak for all women. She should take their petty insults as a compliment to her strong independence of thought. One ardent and experienced feminist I know would definately defend Kirsten and would say to such things, “Can’t we leave the insulting other women to the men?” And as I would respond, “Indeed, we are so much better at it.” Joking aside, I find this awful immature and frankly reprehensible behaviour typical of modern feminists and feel sorry for Kirsten who I now admire even more. Greater power to her. (

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