Angry Rant before night shift

‘British’ Humanist Society?? What on earth is British about them or their ludicrous claims? Several vacuous rich liberal celebrities, boring so-called humanist writers, that Polly Toynbee creep and other laissez-faire non-entities, (all backed up by a well known nonce advocate Tatchell) have written a rather immature and laughable letter to the Telegraph berating Cameron’s words on Christianity. I will not defend Cameron. I have passionately loathed the cunt since the first utterance I heard of his and even wanted David Davis to beat him in the 2005 leadership race, (if such a bovine non-event can be termed as such). Cameron is a slimey thick incompetent scumbag, one of, if not *the* worst to grace number 10 who merely seeks office for the sake of office and is helping run this Nation into the ground. One who claims he ‘has God on his side’ in this manner can be no Christian and he is frankly using the Lords name in vain for childish politicking. He is only playing at religion to try and shore up the traditionalist conservative (small c) vote which have long deserted this neo-liberal party that no longer cares for them and laughs at their faith, thinking it is something merely for the servants. Saying all that, who are these vile overpaid letter writers kidding? It seems they know less of this country (nevermind theology) than probably even Cameron and are talking pubescent level shite even I had outgrown in my late teens. I have met members of these Humanist groups who are normally largely comprised of right-wing libertaryan thugs who mask their amoral beliefs in a zero restraint ‘free’ market world with endless sly tempting terms- ‘human progress,’ ‘expansion,’ ‘human endeavour,’ while actually advocating the cruelest of policies to all but themselves and their ‘enlightened’ metropolitan set, who of course never suffer the results of these policies. Fuck off back to your Grauniad dinner parties. And take Cameron with you! You are not his enemy but rather his bosom buddy merely playing at being a ‘rebel’ just as he is playing at politics and religion. Pitiful. Away with you.
Update 24th April- Thought I would include this link as it may be of interest and relevance to my angry spiel above – ( “The current vogue in atheism is probably reducible to three rather sordidly ordinary realities: the mechanistic metaphysics inherited from the seventeenth century, the banal voluntarism that is the inevitable concomitant of late capitalist consumerism, and the quiet fascism of Western cultural supremacism”

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