Kick Out The Liberals

I had initially thought that the following was a satirical ‘daily mash’ piece, but alas it is not- ( The Telegraph is keen to inform us that British things are British. I for one was shocked to learn such a revelation. Joking aside, the article is worth a look for one revealing line alone, that is, “The young and highly educated are the least likely to feel proud to be British than older people or those with fewer qualifications.” Orwell of course summed all this up in ‘The Lion & The Unicorn’ but it is always worth revisiting. It is both amusing and deeply telling that the ‘intellectual’ overqualified liberal chattering classes shun their own place of birth due to, “the fallout from the war in Iraq and the faltering economy.” Essentially, that one of their own that Anthony Blair creep dragged us into dire conflicts abroad and that 60 odd years of laissez-faire hippy economics has spread the devastation it was always going to is enough for them to renounce being British says it all and proves they will never be part of the solution. In short – Kick out the liberals. The would-be governing party of John Smith must be reformed and revived to make Britain great again. We are waiting.

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