I have been extremely busy and am just commencing my own fresh writings this afternoon. Here, however, are afew articles I found interesting lately that you may wish to digest. A more thorough update on progress will follow. In haste, Teddy.

Cameron is a dimwit of the lowest order, though even he excels himself here doing his finest Bush impersonation. Quite straightforwardly- He who claims to have God ‘on his side’ can be no Christian. I do not think Cameron has read even a page of the Bible, though to be fair just as much arrant nonsense comes form those who say ‘Jesus was a socialist bro.’ All of you who continue to compare the incomparable and claim Christ for your own political vanity must cease immediately. As Kierkegaard put it, “What does comparison always lose? It loses the moment, the moment which should be filled with an expression of the life of love. But to lose the moment is to become episodic and momentary. A moment lost, and the chain of the eternal is broken; a moment lost, and the coherence of the eternal is disturbed; a moment lost, and the eternal is lost—but to lose the eternal is to become episodic and momentary. A moment wasted in comparison—then everything is lost. The moment of comparison is a selfish moment, a moment which wants to be for itself; precisely this is the break, the fall—just as concentrating on itself means the fall of the arrow.” (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/david-cameron-claims-jesus-invented-the-big-society–he-is-just-continuing-gods-work-9250449.html)

Sometimes the simplest explanation is best. And once again here we find that such news is not deemed important by our mainstream papers because, as the line goes – Christian persecution abroad is considered far too ‘foreign’ to excite the New Right and far too Christian to excite the New Left. It is not the first time, and it will by no means be the last. (http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/commentandblogs/2014/04/08/catholic-herald-view-fr-frans-van-der-lugt-one-of-the-great-christian-witnesses-of-our-age/)

Good news from Sheffield is much welcome here- (http://www.independentlabour.org.uk/main/2014/03/25/co-op-resource-centre-opens-in-sheffield/)

While over at The Spectator somebody frankly appears to be ‘spectating,’ or even stating the obvious. My fear is that this kind of piece will merely encourage those ‘rebels’ over at lazy liberalism HQ. (http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/culturehousedaily/2014/04/ladies-of-the-guardian-please-stop-writing-about-sex/)

Meanwhile Bryan Gould rejects the defeatism of our political class and sets out some positive thoughts for the Labour movement. (http://www.leftfutures.org/2014/04/time-for-the-low-inequality-high-performance-alternative-from-labour/)

Theodore Dalrymple gives us another edifying article for Taki-

And finally, Jim Goad tackles Nu-Feminism brilliantly as always-

More to follow, but as I stated previously- onwards. And quickly.

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