Spanish Mayor taunts Gibraltar

And where is Cameron? What of Willy ‘the vague’ Hague? When there are serious geo-political imperatives at stake our ‘leaders’ remain silent, preferring instead to pathetically posture over Russia while funding Ukrainian neo-nazis. The coalition’s juvenile playground political outlook means they are incapable of conducting sensible foreign policy. These lightweight ‘oxbridge’ boys are out of their depth. Gerard Couzens for the Daily Express writes: “THE controversial mayor of Gibraltar’s Spanish neighbour has been criticised for secretly twinning it with the Argentine city the Falklands Islands were invaded from.

Algeciras’ right-wing mayor Jose Ignacio Landaluce is expected to sign the twinning agreement with Rio Grande at a ceremony this Saturday to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Argentine invasion.

Algeciras’ opposition PSOE party claimed last night it had only found out about the agreement from reports in Argentine papers.

Rio Grande’s mayor Gustavo Melella described the twinning agreement as a “wonderful piece of news.”

Referring to the Falklands by their name in Spanish, he said: “It put us on a different level with regards to our sovereignty claim over Las Malvinas.”Landaluce is famous for his repeated attacks on Gibraltar and accused it of being of a bad neighbour when it created an artificial reef last year to protect fishing grounds around the Rock.Argentina’s April 2 1982 Falkland Islands invasion sparked a 74-day war with Britain which claimed more than 1,000 lives.Argentine president Christina Kirchner has pledged an “eternal fight” for the Falklands and sought the support of Spanish-speaking allies as part of a diplomatic campaign to regain control of the disputed territory.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman described the move as being in “bad taste”.

He said: “It is not surprising that the Mayor of Algeciras should seek to twin his town with Rio Grande in order to draw a parallel between Spain’s claim to Gibraltar and Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands.”This move has already been the subject of criticism in Spain itself.”British lives have been lost over the centuries in the defence of Gibraltar and more recently in the defence of the Falkland Islands therefore this twinning for those reasons will be seen by many as being in very bad taste.”Moreover, in this day and age the future of Gibraltar and of the Falklands can only be freely and democratically determined by the people of the territories, and no amount of theatrical posturing is going to change that.” (

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