A Woman’s Shoe

A belated happy Birthday to one of my long time partners in crime, Sam Bricket. Keep on keeping on old bean. Love from Teddy.


“There is no unhappier creature on Earth than a fetishist who yearns for a woman’s shoe and has to embrace the whole woman.” (Karl Kraus). Cartoon by the magnificent Aaron Laange. See – (http://www.aaronlange.com/fetish.html)

If there is one chap that understands that feeling then it is Bricket. Many a time I have seen him wearing a frustrated brow, beads of helpless sweat collecting on his greasy neck beard as some filly or other he happens to be courting demands he do her bidding – not in the bedroom, but for shopping God forbid! Similarly, on occasion we will be sat imbibing on a park bench somewhere, when all of a sudden his phone rings. It’s the Mrs. Wanting a heart to heart. What fresh hell is this?

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