Something of a blast…

Well, frankly, who can blame the lass? I too heard the event was to be something of a blast…Mia De Graaf for the Mail reports: “A Spanish singer became a Twitter sensation after accepting an invitation from a Kim Jong-un imposter to perform in North Korea alongside Spanish D-list celebrities.

Leticia Sabater, 47, responded within minutes of the bogus request to sing at the Festival of Uranium, genuinely enquiring about payment and dates.

To the amusement of @norcoreano’s 144,000 followers, the duped performer was won over.

‘OK, perfect,’ she tweeted, after he promised ‘the cost of the flight, of course, will be paid for’.

The surreal exchange on Friday started when the presenter-turned-actress-turned-singer tweeted an invite to her 11,500 followers to appear in her new video.

She was met with a tweet from the supposed Kim Jong-un saying: ‘Hello Leticia, as you know this year it is the Festival of Uranium and we would like to discuss it with you, what are your details?’

In a response that received 261 retweets and 110 favourites within minutes, Miss Sabater missed the nuclear power reference, and responded: ‘What’s that?’

‘An international culture festival that features a Spanish contingency and all kinds of artists,’ replied @norcoreano, a name which translates as ‘North Korean’.

He boasted that the winner of Spain’s first Big Brother, Ismael Beiro, and Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute had already accepted invites to attend the Pyongyang event.

‘Money is no problem,’ he added, meriting another 190 retweets.

Despite the flurry of attention from both her followers and those of @norcoreano, Miss Sabater seemed to be lured in.

There was a silence, before the satirical tweeter told his followers: ‘I can confirm we are in negotiations to get Leticia Sabater involved in the Festival of Uranium’.

She then responded with her email address, asking for more details.

He soon informed readers: ‘The negotiations to get Leticia Sabater involved in the International Festival of Uranium are going well.’

The pay and schedule negotiations continued in a series of grabs of private messages which @norcoreano tweeted to his followers, that have now been deleted.

The North Korean leader’s imposter eventually told the singer she would not have to sing live if she preferred not to: ‘If I’m honest,’ he messaged, ‘we have a playback, I don’t know what you think about that? A couple of songs, and one duet with Carlos Baute.’

Convinced, Miss Sabater said: ‘You have my email, if you want to email me the offer a half-hour performance and prelude on May 24 and 25… or send it to me today if you want, that’s great, I’ll have a look and let you know.’

‘Sweet, we’ll leave it at that,’ he said, adding: ‘This week I’ll send you the offer, at the moment I am sealing a deal with Darek [a celebrity and stripper] and Dinio [a singer and porn star].’

To which she said: ‘OK, perfect’.

The exchange shocked amused Twitter users, many tweeting the singer to tell her she may get to meet Dennis Rodman, the basketball player who famously harbours a close friendship with the North Korean leader.

But Miss Sabater appeared unaware that the highly-publicised diplomatic tensions and threat of nuclear attack would deter most western from jetting to the reclusive state for a show.

One of Miss Sabater’s fans wrote: ‘You are an adorable idiot!’, to which she today responded: ‘I know’” (

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