New Old Phone – Felt strange

Four or five years ago I purchased a second hand phone from Cash Converter in Kentish Town. It still had some messages in them which painted a rather bleak picture, (months later my own depressing narrative would occupy this space). I just found the typed up texts that I saved at the time for some reason. It made me rather sad. No numbers kept.

Your child’s school uniform is ready for collection. Please pick it up on Wednesday 1st April. Thank you

Wts happenin u ok nw yeh?

I got da tiva.leroy

R u sleping

The Met Police is seeking feedback regarding your recent 999 telephone call. Please see – From Metropolitan Police Service

…(999 is in white text in a bold black box and the website is underlined)

Lewis won

This is my other number mike

BT Appointment 14/01/2009 between 13.00 and 18.00 at 89 JUNIPER CRESCENT NW1 8HQ. To change call 0800800150 by 12noon 13/01/2009

Sat 27 Sep: LOTTO
11,21,27,38,40,44 (2)
THUNDERBALL 1,14,24,25,31 (7)
DREAM 6626327

…(the dream number is in white text in a bold black box)

How are u and ur fmaily? I guess every is alright. Mohammed u got to make up ur mind were u belong. This d holy month of ramadan. U not fasting nor praying.what is keeping me going is my belief and prayers.

Goodday abs if u want any punk cal me ok mandy

Finally this is the one outgoing message-

Happy new years and very much more greatful for all u have down been through all des past yearr. I wish u and i all de best for de new year on ward (with lots of love from your only)A

Attached is an image called ‘Africa minha.gif’ which is a small map of Africa with each  flag on the area represented by it.

The message remains unsent in the drafts folder. I turn off the phone, put it on charge and leave the flat. Felt strange

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