A quick word on QT

I missed last weeks QT. My mate Jack was playing me a fantastic record of a 90s band that sounded alot like PUSA and who sang about having- “my suede pyjamas and my headlights on, this feeling is believing going on way too long ahhaaaa.” They were pretty funny, then again I was tight. I forget their name. In anticipation of tonight’s QT however, I briefly wanted to comment on the recent Barking edition.

It made our universe feel rather bizarre that bloody Hesletine was the one remotely making sense on the foriegn policy discussion and appeared to be the only individual not rabidly anti-Russian. As I recall some air-head in the crowd tried to preposterously suggest Russia was behaving ‘like Hitler and WWII omg.’ This was almost as absurd as a young lass compaling that the main problem of the police was that they ‘was well dry.’ God help London.

I have several good friends from the Barking and Dagenham area and let me say it wasn’t the best representation of the area in the audience that night. The guys I know from that neck of the woods are very thoughtful down to earth people. The most notable part of the episode was that Rachel Reeves was the *only* person on the panel who stood up for the bloke that stormed out of an immigration row. The rest of the guests and audience jeered ignorantly at the man who struck me as a standard Barking man who just didn’t feel like taking crap from the wet spectators who totally refused to engage with him, or understand that while some of his views were misguided and he didn’t express himself fantastically, (so what? We can’t all have the dulcet tones and vocabulary of an Etonian) he had genuine grievances and a serious point to make.

The typically snide (David Aaronovitch was awful) and patronising middle class panel waved him away but Rachel denounced those who clapped upon his exit and rightly brought up issues such as unaccountable landlords. She reminded the smug naysayers that it is about the least well off in society being forced to increasingly compete harder for ever poorly paid jobs and higher rents in ever overcrowded areas. Not to mention the scandal of greedy agenceis recruiting from abroad for cheap labour. The bottom line is Rachel Reeves was correct to back up the man who was spurned by the rest and go against the tepid liberal trend. Good on her.

The weirdest moment was when one of the panelists described an audience member as a “beautiful black man.” Cougar time? In any case, bring on tonight’s offerings. I expect Andy Burnham to chew that weakling Danny Alexander up for breakfast. Onwards.

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