Thatcher defended Paedophile group member

The laissez-faire New Right/neo-liberal Thatcherites were at it just the same as the permissive New Left/New Labourites. No morality, the lot of them. Tom Pride writes: “Here’s a conundrum.

Who do you think would be more likely to be telling the truth – former PM Margaret Thatcher or the Daily Mail?

In one of its recent articles attacking Harriet Harman for her links to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), the Daily Mail wrote about a notorious member – a convicted paedophile called Geoffrey Prime.

Here’s the Mail article:

The child sex attacker and Soviet spy who was in the vile group legitimised by Harman and chums

But what the Mail article fails to mention is that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher defended Prime in the House of Commons just days after his conviction for child abuse (and espionage) and denied he was a member of PIE.

Here’s what she said in reply to a question in Parliament from anti-paedophile campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP:

Thatcher defends<br /><br />

Well that’s strange.

Because in its article, the Mail writes that the police found documentation at Prime’s home which showed he was a member of PIE.

But Thatcher clearly states that no such documentation was found.

Which of course, means if Thatcher and the police didn’t know Prime was a member of PIE even after he was convicted of child abuse – how could Harman or anyone else have known?

Unless of course the Mail is suggesting their beloved Margaret Thatcher was lying?

But if Thatcher was lying, why would she be covering up for a paedophile organisation?” ( Please see also Wales Online here for more damning Thatcher revelations that some of us had known all along – (

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