What happens when art is divorced from morality.

The Daily Mirror reported Labour were ‘running out of patience’ with Harman. This Old Labour man can tell you that I for one have *never* had any patience with the old hag whatsoever. While we await her imminent resignation here is Tim Stanley for The Daily Telegraph on all things New Left and Paedophillic: “Paedophilia isn’t just about dirty old nobodies in raincoats. The scandal surrounding Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt’s links to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) shows us how evil men once exploited the sexual revolution and the Left’s naivety to advance their agenda and invade the mainstream. But the corruption didn’t stop there. It infected the literary establishment, too.

In 1995, Calvin Klein unveiled a controversial commercial featuring scantily clad teenagers. Camille Paglia, the feminist social critic, took to the pages of celebrated gay magazine The Advocate to attack the firm – but not for indecency. She accused them of cowardice. She wrote: “If [the manufacturers] want to borrow the iconography of paedophilia, they should have the courage to step forward and admit it.” Paglia added: “Paedophilia is an increasingly irrational issue in America. Gays must valiantly defend their cultural tradition by carefully articulating its highest meanings.”

It is shocking that Paglia could write this, and she in no way spoke for gay readers, for whom paedophilia was utterly abhorrent. But the critic’s words did reflect the feelings of another literary giant. “Two years ago,” she wrote, “with Allen Ginsberg and others, I signed a manifesto supporting NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association).” NAMBLA were the perverted bedfellows of PIE.

Paedophilia was a theme in Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, and he often spoke in defence of child molesters. He dedicated a poem to NAMBLA so vile that I’d probably get a visit from the police if I quoted it. Whether he was a paedophile himself is a matter of contention. He denied it but, then again, anyone with a healthy fear of prison probably would. In a little-known interview with The Harvard Crimson, titled “Politics, Pederasty and Consciousness”, Ginsberg said: “As I get older, having very specialised sexual tastes, it gets harder to make out… I like young boys. Why?… I’d have more chance at making out with younger guys if I were younger, dewier, dewy-limbed.”

Even in perversion, Ginsberg could be lyrical. Although his friendship with the feminist Andrea Dworkin ended after a rather more crude argument over the ethics of child porn. Dworkin described him as, “a paedophile… exceptionally aggressive about… his constant pursuit of under-age boys’’.

Paglia and Ginsberg’s views reflected what happens when art is divorced from morality. They were the daydreams of a Sixties intellectual elite which saw bourgeois ethics as limiting and imagined that society could be remade, and made better, by the total liberation of fleshly desires.

What is striking in their remarks is that they spoke only of the pleasure of adults: a taste for “cultural tradition” in Paglia’s case or a lust for “dewy limbs” in Ginsberg’s. Freedom was defined by what looked or felt good to them: never mind the feelings of children. They suffered from arrested development. The desire to protect the innocent, which increases with age, passed them by.

Ginsberg is enjoying a second life as a cultural icon. Two movies have recently been made about him: Howl, starring James Franco, and Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Both imagine him as a crusader for liberty. But his support for NAMBLA ought to expose him as a fool at best and a troubadour for degeneracy at worst. His name has been preserved by his status as an artist. Had he sung for NAMBLA and been a mere disc jockey, his reputation would be in tatters by now.” (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100261734/allen-ginsberg-camille-paglia-and-the-literary-champions-of-paedophilia/) See also – (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nigel-nelson-column-harriet-harman-3195916) and – (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570675/The-Lefts-web-shame-Its-not-just-Harman-Dromey-Hewitt-As-reveal-members-Britains-ruling-liberal-elite-held-senior-posts-NCCL-closely-linked-paedophiles.html)

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