Oh for fucks sake.

All I will say on immigration today is that the performance of those trendy liberal clowns on Question Time is the biggest advert for anti-immigration I have seen in a long time. Posh ex-public school boy come wanky resteraunt critic who lives in london (shock horror) Jay Rayner: “I heart immigration, Polish builders do a good job and turn up on time unlike the British ones.” Not a single jeer from the feeble crowd. In fact, he got a fucking round of warm applause. If this doesn’t anger you I don’t know what will. This was followed by the tediously tepid Labour bird Rushanara Ali, (who uselessly barely spoke during the entire debate save for afew empty platitudes) then goes on some bullshit about how “without immigration you wouldn’t have the likes of me!!” HAHAhahahah you have to laugh or cry. And I speak as someone who is generally not anti-immigration (descended from Irish immigrants on both sides for one thing*). But Jesus. Unbelievable viewing on QT tonight. The only question worth asking at this point is who was more ignorant- the pompous panel or the drone like crowd? All seemed to enjoy vindicating the disgustingly unspeakable Harriet Harman while congratulating themselves on sticking it to the Daily Mail for merely exposing the facts- right on guys! Muppetsville. When I see the shamefully dire conduct of Labour people like Rushanara Ali I truly want to tear up my membership instantaneously. Utterly clueless. No passion. No conviction. My patience is wearing extraordinarily thin. Thank God for David Drew.

*not that this makes a flying bit of difference to anything. We have become so PC and sensitive over issues such as immigration and having a serious political discussion that we now feel we must preface every comment with such silly irrelevancies. And therein reveals a great deal indeed.

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