Gold Post Box? What about the criminal sell-off?

A petition asking Royal Mail to award a ‘Gold Post Box’ to West Kingsdown, (the town of Winter Olympic gold medalist Lizzy Yarnold) is currently being circulated. While well meaning, I do find this somewhat absurdly naive on numerous levels. In any case, I’d personally never even heard of the fact that RM had given such post boxes to the hometowns of all gold medalists at the London 2012 Summer and Paralympic Games. I find the gesture pretty naff to say the least, but this is beside the point.

The fact is the petition is no different from an Oscar award winning Actor pleading for a Gold Pepsi vending machine be allocated for his town of birth from Pepsi. It’s bizarre. What about the scandalous Royal Mail sell-off do these petitioners not understand? You have absolutely no right to ask anything of RM anymore. It is not truly a public service in any meaningful way and indeed should legally not be permitted to use the name Royal Mail nor carry the official insignia. The privatisation was literally criminal in it’s deliberate undervaluation and outrageously undemocratic in it’s idiotic lust to rid us of our assets. I have unpacked the facts numerous times on this blog as have many others from all sides of the political spectrum and with the most passion coming from the Old Left and traditionalist conservatives (small c) alike. That well known Marxist Charles I is spinning in his grave.

If you cannot even be guaranteed a local post office I have no idea where you get the notion a Gold plated Post Box will be bestowed upon your town. The only awards that need to be dished out at this point in time are perfect world records in treachery and bankrupt dogmatic ideology from the coalition scum that allow foreign companies to rip apart our heritage and services. Roll on 2015. Cameron is helplessly history, a vapid and worthless piece of shit lying in the outbox awaiting deportation. Signed, sealed and delivered. We are waiting.

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