Ukraine Analysis

Please look at the following articles if you wish for a more nuanced and thoughtful analysis of events unfolding in Ukraine. It has been all too grimly predictable that the relentless mainstream coverage has amounted to little more than a cheering on the bloodshed occurring and turning a blind eye to the extremist far-right violence taking place.

But Peter Hitchens points out that simple-minded Western intervention will destabilise the region further and points out the dubious nature of many of the mob in Kiev –  (

For The Independent Robert Fisk also discusses Ukraine’s future and comments on alarming parallels with Syria – (–and-vladimir-putin-is-crucial-to-both-9145523.html)

Meanwhile Tim Stanley highlights the sinister nature of much of the supposedly ‘pro-democracy protesters’ in Ukraine – (

Similarly this report reveals more about the nature of the ‘protesters’ vying for power. “I’ll be fighting Jews and Russians till I die” Nice democratic chaps all round – (

And finally Brendan O’Neill argues that Western governments’ illiterate, dumbed-down foreign policy is killing Ukraine – (

UPDATE 25/2- Tim Stanley asks why are we trying to start a new cold war? – ( and Brendan O’neill points out that this is no organic revolution – (

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