Unlimited faeces / Hands Across The Border

Perhaps a hypothetically independent Scotland could use Bullshit as a new currency? Because listening to Alex Salmond, the rest of the odious SNP and their drone like followers they are certainly in supply of an abundance of the stuff. Unlimited faeces.

There is *no* argument for ‘independence’ that remotely makes any sense. Economic, political, cultural, social, moral or otherwise it patently doesn’t exist. Full stop. (http://www.leftfootforward.org/2014/02/decision-day-for-scotland/). One should be able to see the opposing view and even articulate it back in reasoned debate. In this instance however there is simply no case to be presented or analysed. It just doesn’t subsist in the real world. Much like the non-existent chances of a ‘Yes’ vote coming to pass fortunately.

When I was about fifteen, me and a pal used to joke about starting a campaign to make the West Country independent. We talked of rounding up badgers to participate as part of our paramilitary force. I frankly see no difference between our ludicrous banter and the fantastical absurdities of the ‘Yes’ campaign. Why not make Kent independent by the same token? Or Liverpool? Perhaps Berkshire? What say you to Skegness? Or how about Yorkshire? – It’s population is considerably larger than Scotland’s for one thing. Hell, why not an independent Harlow?


The hilariously sad thing is that I have heard people, (yes very few, but still) seriously ‘argue’ for an independent Wales. Don’t laugh too hard.

The empty ‘Yes’ campaign for Scotland is essentially summed up in the following Harry Enfield sketch. “Everything’s better in Scotland ooooh yeeees.”

I truly love Scotland in countless ways and could write many an essay on what I adore about her. It is for this reason I am so passionate about protecting her from sinister forces who wish to supplant her well-being with their useless vanity projects that will end in disaster for all concerned.

Me and my Scottish mates constantly have the one-upmanship craic Eng VS Scot style but the Enfield character’s jocular bravado is no way to conduct serious politics. Why is it then that this  is the exact approach the SNP take? When impartial economists and independent commentators alike line up to denounce Salmond and question the relentless Nationalist propaganda, the SNP shove their fingers in their ears and shriek “Everything’s better in Scotland ooooh yeeees.” When presented with indisputable facts concerning how an independent Scotland will not be in a currency union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the SNP cry ‘scaremongering!’ When told plainly by the European commission president that an independent Scotland will not be in the EU and will find it practically impossible to join, the SNP shriek ‘doom and gloom nonsense!’ When reminded of the widespread worker’s rights, secure welfare, industry, public services and trade union strength secured partly and safeguarded effectively by the existence of our Union, the SNP come full circle to the supposed substance of their laughable campaign and repeat- “Everything’s better in Scotland ooooh yeeees.”

The fact is there will certainly be nothing better in Scotland if it were to become ‘independent.’ Nor would there any longer be much desirable in England, or anywhere else in the UK and Ireland for that matter. I believe a chain of devastating events would ensue if the land mass is carved up by such fat idiots. These Isles will be considerably poorer in many many ways if they are cruelly divided by power hungry fools and cynical Nationalist fantasists. I have said it since the start and I will continue to say it time and time again. We are better together.

Please see the following for a positive action to show solidarity with all. The *United* Kingdom. Let’s stick together and send the Nationalist scapegoaters packing.

“We want to show a shared belief in the United Kingdom by creating a human chain from coast to coast on the evening of Saturday 19th July, and we need thousands of people linking arms. It’s a chance for everybody from all parts of the United Kingdom to show their respect and love for Scotland and their determination to keep the UK together.” (http://handsacrosstheborder.co.uk/)

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