Franz & Yoni to collaborate

The sublime Franz Nicolay has a new album ‘To us, The Beautiful’ on the way. You can pre-order and see further details here:

I have only seen Franz afew times and am relatively new to his body of work though already an avid listener and collecting all the fantastic records slowly but surely monies permitting. Had a good craic with him in Brighton where I told him that I had been encouraged to check his set out in Blackpool a couple of years previous and was blown away at one point even welling up to tears. My mate Bricket on seeing me get upset, (and who was also quite moved) tried to lighten the mood by shouting “Play some fucking Kate Bush,” (as I’ve mentioned on this blog previously, it’s something we sometimes do at gigs) to which Franz replied “I’m sorry, I don’t speak moon language” which effectively creased us all up anyway. Jobs a good un.

The forthcoming record will apparently feature as the band- someone from Leftover Crack (meh) and someone from Against Me (yawn) but infinitely more importantly and excitingly noteworthy- Yoni Gordon himself. Utterly brilliant. I am so looking forward to this potentially awesome collaboration. I won’t name names, but as usual I await the usual naysayers of Yoni I know to claim they ‘always liked him’ now he has been selected by Franz. The pitifully funny denials are bound to occur. It makes little odds to me, at least they might actually start listening to his superb albums and that’s what really counts. I for one have followed him since I discovered his great stuff at 16. In 2007/8 he sent me some powerful previously unreleased material to go on a compilation CD I was putting out, that unfortunately, never saw the light of day due to funding issues. Such is life sometimes and is also the gutting reason I can’t even pre-order this new Franz work.

I love the following live Yoni Gordon & The Goods video at a skate park. A punter requests ‘Up The Punks’ quickly adding- “Of course the Yoni Gordon version not the Ghost Mice version,” (the boring hippy band of that name has a same titled ‘tune’) to which Yoni mockingly replies “I couldn’t play that one if I tried.” Priceless. Go on Yoni.

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