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Oh for fucks sake.

All I will say on immigration today is that the performance of those trendy liberal clowns on Question Time is the biggest advert for anti-immigration I have seen in a long time. Posh ex-public school boy come wanky resteraunt critic … Continue reading

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Fish Slapper

“Irish girl sought after fish-slapping incident in Lancashire” ( That’s nothing on my Scottish pals at Blackpool a couple of years back. I seem to recall a random middle aged woman shouting at Jordy later on when he whacked his … Continue reading

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Richest MP in Britain slams welfare state but makes £625k a year in housing benefit

Nick Sommerland for the Daily Mirror: “A Tory MP worth £110million is raking in £625,000 a year from his hard-up tenants’ housing benefit – despite blasting the “something for nothing” welfare state. Richard Benyon – Britain’s richest MP – runs … Continue reading

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Thatcher Gov’t funded PIE

This report from The Huffington Post keeps the pressure up on that which I discussed here: ( Credit to Tom Watson for pursuing this. Harriet Harman simply must be sacked with immediate effect. These are not ‘smears’ but undeniable facts … Continue reading

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Gold Post Box? What about the criminal sell-off?

A petition asking Royal Mail to award a ‘Gold Post Box’ to West Kingsdown, (the town of Winter Olympic gold medalist Lizzy Yarnold) is currently being circulated. While well meaning, I do find this somewhat absurdly naive on numerous levels. … Continue reading

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Why is Harriet Harman allowed in the Labour party?

There is an elephant in the room. Well, quite afew as it happens. The time is long overdue whereby we escort these bloated dishonourable creatures back to the wild where they belong. I speak of course of the Blairite clinger … Continue reading

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Shooting at Sochi to Hit Syria

Ex-advisor to the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission at the State Department from 2011-2012 James Carden writes: “Neoconservatives lambast Russia for standing in the way of their latest war. As momentum once again picks up for an American-led intervention in Syria, … Continue reading

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