New Labour is dead

“New Labour is dead,” said a disappointed Nadine Dorris on the Daily Politics this morning. Aw, bless. Finally it is beginning to sink in. Maybe she is actually starting to understand something, as from the rest of the interview (and indeed her ‘career’) it is plain to see there is little else she does grasp.

Meanwhile Nigel Farrage has declared that only UKIP “dares cut spending on the NHS and on pensions.” I look forward to them trying to serve that shit sandwich up to the ever struggling electorate ( Times are hard and UKIP will go to the country with the promise to make things harder. Perhaps the tactic is to make the United Kingdom so shittly uninhabitable not only will nobody want to move here to work, but even the Brits will want to leave. Then Farrage and his City boy toffs will have the whole gaff to themselves as one big private golf club. Working class party my arse.

And elsewhere Lambeth Council excels itself in a comprehensive failure to it’s people by dismantling housing co-ops. Alan White writes a very important article on a topic that has been ignored by much of the press: “In September last year, the Evening Standard reported that Chris Huhne, recently released from jail, had been seen in south London doing some house hunting:

“Huhne was spotted in a group-viewing of two houses in Lilleshall Road in Clapham Old Town. Both are modest Grade II-listed terraced cottages, guide-priced at more than £500,000 each.”

It’s not known if he understood the provenance of these properties. If he had, perhaps he would have thought twice about making a purchase.” (

Finally, what is wasted more with regard to the following article- the food or the police time? These truly are farcical times we live in: (

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