Gagged, sealed & delivered

( This despicable coalition have passed the most draconian, anti-democratic and authoritarian law you could envisage. The vote was tied at 245 a piece, and in the instance of ties the Government always wins. The public, campaigners, pressure groups, charities and countless other bodies will be unfairly restricted and effectively totally silenced now while Corporate lobbying is of course given a free pass. Follow the link for the breakdown in peers voting decisions.

In the build up to the next general election it is possible that the coalition will perform a pantomimic stage rehearsed split and try and feebly woe their ‘core voters,’ (no such groups really exist to any significant degree for these two parties anymore). The Nu-Tory party will pretend to be conservative and the Liberal Democrats will attempt to distance themselves from the palpable failings of the coalition by insisting, ‘we gave it our best go but our hands were tied, honest guv’ and try to display their democratic and caring credentials.

When this happens, (if they don’t fully split formally they will certainly laughably attempt to put an ideological space between one another that doesn’t exist) let it be remembered that not a single Liberal Democrat voted for Harries amendment today. Not. One.

Mark Ferguson suggests ramming the legislation down their throats. I couldn’t agree more: (

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