Battle to keep ticket offices open on London Underground

This highly immoral policy will damage community relations, increase unemployment, complicate and congest the services for commuters and tourists, create an extremely unsafe environment that will negatively impact on the vulnerable elderly, disabled and women. Not to mention those who are unwell or medical emergencies. When we have finished paying for these countless redundancies due to the depressing rate of useless automation, I look forward to the havoc when the computer systems fail. As they always do. Nobody has also mentioned the point of lost property which may sound minor, but human nature will see people either making off with or chucking things they find rather than handing them in to the office, especially when combined with 24 hour drinking and 24 hour tubes (which are another awful idea). These ‘cars’ are going to stink even more. Boris Johnson previously signed a petition against such changes but is now shamefully spearheading their implementation. Who the fuck voted for this shallow inconsiderate clown.

“In the next two weeks, members of rail unions RMT and the TSSA are planning two 48-hour strikes, from noon on 4 February and again from 11 February. This video sets out the background: the threats to London Underground ticket offices and staff, and, in the longer run, a fully automated underground system including driverless trains, no-one on the stations to help passengers or to deal with emergencies, and a stripped down flexible workforce on zero hours contracts with no holiday or sick pay.”
Video by ReelNews

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