Saloon bar secrets

This little reminiscence by Andy McSmith caught my eye in The Independent. Quite amusing:

“Years ago, when the Labour government was young, I received a stream of abuse from Gordon Brown’s thuggish spin doctor, Charlie Whelan, because I had written he had been overheard in the Red Lion pub, in Whitehall, barking out details of government policy towards the euro on a mobile phone.

I did not know why he was so put out, until it emerged he had been talking to Tony Blair. Blair was so furious to learn that Whelan had conducted this sensitive conversation in a pub that he demanded that Brown sack Whelan, which the then-Chancellor refused to do.

This happy memory came flooding back when I noticed Whelan on Twitter boasting: “Told Red Lion closed & turning into trendy wine bar. Yuk. The pub is where Blair found out we were not joining euro – from me!””

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