They need a healthy democratic slap and reminder of where they are

The Liberal Democrats are a farcical limping corpse of a party in my opinion. But however much of a joke I find them I am obliged to stand up for those within their ranks who are being unfairly maligned by idiots. First I have supported Lord Rennard on this blog and now I must circulate the following petition in support of prospective Parliamentry candidate Maajid Nawaz (Hampstead and Kilburn).

Maajid is under attack from a one Mohammed Shafiq (some feeble intolerant party member probably trying to launch his non-existent career) and George Galloway who are absurdly calling for him to be de-selected because of a silly cartoon ‘Jesus and Mo’ he posted on the internet. Maajid is a Muslim who decided to pass comment that the cartoon was not offensive in his opinion, but even if he weren’t, even if he were say an atheist laughing at the cartoon the reaction would still be ludicrous and I would support his right to do so however distasteful many may have found it.

Now this braying mob of incoherent idiots callously cheered on by the shallow shill Galloway are hurling death threats at Maajid who needs the support of anyone who defends liberty. They are describing Maajid as an ‘enemy of the prophet’ and need a healthy democratic slap and reminder of where they are. This is Britain. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Enough said.

The Liberal Democrats have issued some predictably floppy half-arsed statement that shamefully doesn’t unequivocally support Maajid as it of course should, “we urge all candidates to be sensitive to cultural and religious feelings and to conduct debate without causing gratuitous or unnecessary offence.” The implication is that Maajid is at fault and deliberately sought to mortally offend other Muslims rather than the reality of the situation that he merely shared something on the internet with his mates that he found worthy of a brief remark.

I implore anyone who upholds our values of freedom to sign the petition here to support Maajid Nawaz’s right to open speech and debate and tell Mohammed Shafiq and that cunt Galloway to get stuffed: (

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