Renationalise the Railways

Mark Ferguson wrote this brief piece way back in June last year hence the mention of Maria Eagle with regards to transport, (also find- I thought I would reproduce it here now though to underline that we are still yet waiting for some leadership in this direction. That is, everyone in my local CLP takes this line, it is the view held by not only the majority of Labour members/votes but also even Lib Dem, Conservative and UKIP voters ( Most importantly it is supported by the majority of the electorate and the public of the country as a whole. We are all patiently waiting for a clear and decisive announcement. Over to Mary Creagh and Ed Miliband then: “This morning I wrote that Labour is slowly moving towards a policy of railway renationalisation – something which no-one in the party seems to refute. In the piece, I said that:

“what is being encouraged by many in the Labour movement are plans to bring the network under public control piece by piece as the rail franchises expire. That’s an idea which it’s believed Maria Eagle is open to.”

Rail union TSSA have this afternoon helpfully tweeted this image which shows that many rail franchises expire between 2015 and 2020, which means that if elected Labour could bring them back under public control at little/no cost to the taxpayer:


Nationalising the railways is a realistic and achievable goal…

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