Ministers & bosses were lying

“Mirror columnist Paul Routledge says the Iron Lady lied about her plans to butcher the coal industry – as the miners who stood and fought knew only too well:

Just as we all assumed, and now know for a fact, Thatcher and her cronies lied about their plans to butcher the coal industry in the run-up to the Great Strike for Jobs of 1984/85.

Newly-released government papers expose the colossal scale of the deceit, and show how close the miners came to winning the biggest industrial dispute of the century.

Despite her public show of resolution, the Iron Lady feared defeat, and drew up plans to bring in the Army.

Some still believe they were secretly involved anyway, in the police-state regime of the time.

Do these revelations vindicate miners’ leader Arthur Scargill? They certainly support his claims that ministers and Coal Board bosses were lying.

But to my mind, the real vindication is of the miners and their communities who stood and fought the Tories to the bitter end.

It was they who wrote on a railway bridge in the pit village of Fitzwilliam, near Wakefield, the message: WE TOLD ARTHUR – NO SURRENDER.

And they didn’t. After a whole year, eight out of 10 Yorkshire miners were still on strike. “(

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