Twerking hard or unpaid working?

What is ‘Twerking?’ I had heard this word thrown about a fair bit lately but didn’t know what it was until the other day my mate Tom demonstrated ‘it’ to me at a 5 shitty fingers gig. I’m still unsure to be honest. At the time I jokingly claimed I had thought it was an abbreviation of ‘working like a Turk,’ which is an Twentieth Century Irish-American phrase deriving from the Irish word ‘torc’ or wild boar meant to describe a strong, temperamental man, or successful prizefighter.

In America, the word became “turk” rather than ‘torc’ and its meaning altered slightly to mean brawny labourer, hence the abundantly alliterative “work like a Turk” meaning working really hard. It’s not about Turkish people at all as you may have thought initially. Incidentally the Turks I have known have been amazingly hard working. Try watching the Turk at work I knew in Stroud, impressive stuff. A great chef and good bloke was our Davut, must go and visit him soon..

It is true that in Britain many decades ago the unrelated phrase ‘work like a black’ was casually used by some to similarly denote ‘working hard.’ This must have come about by the clear observation that black people at the time would’ve in many cases had to work so much harder than whites to sustain themselves in Britain as they would consistently be refused bed and board and were paid crumbs by most employers (who even in modern times as we all know will take any outrageous excuse to undervalue workers hence the need for strong Trade Unions to protect and further workers’ rights).

Thank God we no longer live in such racist times though, there can be no justification for people receiving different pay based on their colour, age or gender. But nowadays the bosses are given license to not even pay some workers anything at all. What excuse can there ever be for people receiving no pay whatsoever for work the Government is making them do in massive corporations such as Tesco or Asda? What is legitimate about companies’ idle directors who make obscene profits refusing to pay those who actually do the work that props them up? It is disgustingly immoral and surely must be made unlawful in the next Labour Government (I’m aware New ‘Labour’ set up similar schemes and these must also all be reversed). I would see the cunts promoting this concept of ‘workfare’ banged up. What a disgusting collusion of big business/private capital and the swollen authoritarian State. Whatever happened to a fair days pay for a fair days work? Not to mention a fairly long prison sentence for an unfair crime. End of story. This is exploitation by another name just as so-called payday ‘loans’ are cruel usury by another name. There is more value to work than cash. But we all have bills to pay. Kick out the corporate parasites.

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