The Coalition are vainglorious cult-heads- I have joined Labour

Afew days ago the coalition brazenly sold off student loans worth £900m to a private debt collector for the rip off price of only £160m ( This after the equally criminal undervaluation of Royal Mail and this neo-liberal Governments rash attempt to reign friendly bombs down on Syria proves that the cult worship of the false idols of ‘free markets’ and liberal interventionism (‘nice wars’ don’t ya know) abroad are just that, extremist cult beliefs no better than any tiny sinister obscure Maoist clan. Like the nasty creeps in Brixton though, the coalition are increasingly being seen for the vainglorious cult-heads they are to all around.

Just as the voice of conscience prevented war with Syria so now we have diffused tensions generally and delayed progress with Iran is finally underway. In the domestic sphere pressure from Labour and the Church has meant even a dogmatic radical neo-liberal monkey like Osborne has conceded to just intervention in the economy by capping interest rates of the immoral usurious legal loan sharks (, see also ( The tide seems to be turning in that this extremist Government in at least some areas is occasionally having to yield to common sense public will and opposition voices that have no time for the cult ideologies of absolutist laissez-faire markets but merely wish for an old fashioned British sense of fair-play. This fair-play can never come from those in power who are presiding over a situation where we are £1600 worse off a year ( while the likes of Lansley claims £6000 on hotel bills save him a grueling 15 minute walk ( These people are out of control.

All the while New Labour are nowhere to be seen and have scurried away on their book tours abroad. Nobody here wants to see or listen to them. Every time Mandleson or Blair attempts to weigh in on British politics they are scorned by genuine Labour people (as they always were) and ignored or laughed at by the wider public who know them for what they are (leaders of another failed cult that has ceased to be).

Finally there is space and time enough for a chance to re-shape or rather reclaim the Labour movement into a force for good once again. I never thought I would be saying this but I am throwing my hat into the ring. There is no time for those who think this is entering a long dead party or claim it is fighting a losing or lost battle. This simply cannot be so. The future is unwritten and there are some (yes they are the few but a growing some nonetheless) voices in Labour currently working extraordinarily hard to recover the party for the common good and I refuse to be a smug naysayer hurling self-congratulatory catchphrases on the sidelines. I cannot afford to be so foolishly self-absorbed or ‘ideologically pure.’ A Labour majority is incoming in 2015 and I intend to try and build that into positive possibilities for my life, family, friends, community, country and world at large.

Like any party Labour has the potential to be as good or bad as those who inhabit it and though it may get worse it currently seems to be evolving away from the stinking corpse of New Labour that the coalition are married to and into something better. So I am now a member of the Party, the Representation Committee and the Movement For Change (pending). I have also joined Labour Left, the ILP, CSM and Co-operative party and couldn’t care less who this annoys or upsets amongst my anarchist friends or anybody else. There is such as thing as practicality and concrete victories to be grasped that membership of the Labour movement can and will contribute to (this is not naive as any basic overview of British history will show you). John McDonnell MP in the interview below with Artist Taxi Driver makes the point right at the end of the video (he mentions Syria as an example) about effectiveness. The test of time for me is ongoing and I will document progress. All this being said, whilst I refuse cynicism and despair, I maintain a (small c) conservative pessimism. I will see how this goes and at least I will be able to say I tried. Onwards.

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