Gloucester 0 Hull 4

It was at Stroud train station last week that after eating one of Katy’s delicious bacon sarnies I learned of the UK City of Culture for 2017 being awarded to Hull. The responses from those I texted at the time were a) “Hull is the city of fuck all” (from a Stroudie whose father was Hull born and bred) and b) “hahaha” (from a young Bristolian whose old man is incidentally also from Hull. Or is it Stoke?) Regardless as you can see envy does not much suit us in the south-west. At the time I was waiting for over an hour for my delayed train (typical of First Great Wankers) to arrive and formulating plans for my weekend in Brighton with the assorted Stroudies that now reside there and the native Sussex punks I know alike. Meditating on afew ideas, I reached for my pen to scribble a while in my notebook while I sat at the platform. No such pen was to be found in my pocket. What would Larkin do? Meanwhile in Rugby…

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