For the love of God

And one more thing. For the love of God. The Labour party was formed as the political representation of the Trade Union movement and workers in general. The Labour party receives no ‘donations’ from any Union whatsoever. One cannot donate to oneself. The party and unions are conjoined in a way making them not the same thing exactly, but inherently codependent by design. This is nothing new. The money collected for Labour is voluntarily contributed from individual trade union members via fund and all information on this is in the public domain. It was ever thus.

So when people bring up what they are falsely labeling as ‘donations’ in this way it is usually to deflect from the shameful links other parties have to big corporate businesses and unaccountable figures in the shadows or to distract from other misdoings. Similarly, Eric Joyce’s wrong individual actions are being used to besmirch Labour and Trade Unions generally. Open your eyes to this relentless nonsense. I may not be responsible for my actions the next time someone barks ‘labour is too connected to the unions! they iz reciveing all da donatioonz so iz corrupted!!.’ One more time- One cannot donate to oneself. Case fucking closed. While we’re at it, there is of course also no such thing as the trade union “block vote,” the late great John Smith rightly abolished it almost twenty years ago and introduced the one-member-one-vote system. This is again all common knowledge and entirely transparent.

The Tory press, despite their apparent ignorance, are versed in all this and are fully aware of the emptiness of their own ‘union donations’ claim, but they continue to circulate these sensationalist accusations of ‘corruption’ to distract attention from the genuinely unscrupulous state of affairs in the coaltion camp. Of course this is to be expected, but what irks me is when you hear thoughtful people who should know better parroting this bullshit down the pub or bitching online. Come on people. For the love of God.

Meanwhile hell hath a human face in Jim McCormick. His actions were unadulterated evil. Ten years? You must be joking me.

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