This Government hates Britain.

Really excellent and to the point piece by David Lindsay:

“This Government hates the Armed Forces, and it maintains Trident as a cover for the fact that this island nation will soon have almost no navy. The Royal Navy was the mightiest in the world long before nuclear weapons were imagined.

This Government hates Britain, ending 800 years of shipbuilding in England, 500 of them at the oldest dry dock in the world, the one at Portsmouth.
Of course no contracts would go to the Clyde if Scotland became independent. That is a statement of the blatantly obvious. But it ought still to be written into the contracts themselves: that they would be void in that event.
Defence procurement is an integral part of defence. Bring it all in-house or, to a BAE restored as the publicly owned monopoly supplier to our own Armed Forces, accompanied by a total ban on the sale of arms abroad and the use of government action to preserve the skills base while diverting its application to other uses.

Like renationalising the railways, or forcibly splitting retail and investment banking, you will say that I am mad and illiterate until it happens. Then you will pretend to have thought of it yourselves.

That said, the people now running the party that is guaranteed to win the next General Election, the party that has voted against this Government’s defence cuts and which has sought to moderate the effects of its persecution of military families, have never accused me of being either mad or illiterate.” (

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