Dolphin Crossing/i’m glad i’m not a pig.

It is raining again. My loves at an end and all that jazz. Strange rain. Sometimes cleansing, sometimes extinguishing, sometimes both, sometimes neither but always wet. ‘Dolphin Crossing.’ A signpost reads that somewhere near Slough train station. Either this is the specific name of the particular crossing for whatever reason, or a Dolphin (perhaps named Ecco), is taking so damn long to cross the road that some clever so and so has decided to swiftly construct and erect such a warning to alert oncoming traffic that said Dolphin is indeed crossing. Alternatively, the notice is there so we all know where to go to get our pet Dolphins ‘crossed.’ Golf sale that way, Dolphin crossing this way and one stop punk rock shop in the rear. All things lead back to Wonk Unit and indeed the train I was on passing through Slough was en route to one of their gigs.

A signal failure made First Great Wankers condemn me to being at least two hours late for the wonky TTHC ping pong tournament laid on by Duncan Redmonds. My old man was with me on the train at the time, he was heading down Southend for work, I was London bound for the gig. As we waited, the train at one of many a standstill near Stroud, my Dad looked at the sodden livestock enduring the torrential downpour in the fields and remarked simply, “I’m glad I’m not a pig.” Great minds really do think alike. Here is the album sampler for Nervous Racehorse the forthcoming Wonk Unit album that should be released by the end of the year.

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