58% of Tory Voters living in Social Housing have abandoned their party.

Eoin Clarke points out that the Tory party is losing voters by the minute:”Social Housing tenants are households who rent their homes from the Council or Housing Associations. Contrary to what people sometimes assume, they are 25% more certain to vote than Private Renters. Given there are nearly 4 million Social Homes in the UK, they matter to the outcome of the next General Election.

According to Ipsos-Mori, 24% of voters living in Social Homes who voted at the last General Election, cast their vote for the Tory Party.  Even if just 60% of social renters cast their ballots, that equates to 554,000 Social Renting Households that voted for the Tories at the last election. View that data (here).
In February 2013, just 10% of social renters say they would now cast their vote for the Tories. This means that 58% of the Tories social renting voters have deserted them in little over 2 years. Today, just 228,000 of the Social Renting households likely to cast their ballots would vote for the Tory Party. You can view that data (here). David Cameron’s net approval among Social Renters is -50%, a figure that is much worse for him than any other category.
We are now approaching the possibility that social renting voters could completely abandon the Tory Party. I wonder what impact the bedroom tax will have on this data when it comes into force on April 1?” (http://www.greenbenchesuk.com/2013/02/58-of-tory-voters-living-in-social.html)Incidentally here is the list of Tory/Liberal MPS who voted FOR the Bedroom Tax. (http://www.greenbenchesuk.com/2013/11/list-of-252-tory-lib-dem-mps-who.html) and here just one personal account of the policy in action (http://www.christiansontheleft.org.uk/no_room_at_the_inn)

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