I’m in love with Juno Temple

Oh my God this woman. The one on the left ‘Juno Temple.’ What a weird name, sounds like a level on a Nintendo game (there’s a song in that). But such beyond belief beauty and that voice Jesus… I’ve just watched her in the Golden Teapot and she is a fantastic actress (won a BAFTA this year as ‘rising star.’). I’m in love I’m in trouble etc. I hope she does listen to The Cramps though. Not because I particularly like The Cramps you understand but it’s always pretty pathetic when somebody is wearing a band t-shirt without a clue who the band are (see Ramones, Pistols, Clash and so on). Don’t mean to be doubting Juno she seems genuine but many celebrities in recent years have been seen mugging themselves off in this manner (Chris Brown in that jacket with Cro-Mags and Exploited painted on and Kylie in a Meteors shirt- http://louderthanwar.com/culture-whores-kylie-minogue-in-a-meteors-t-shirt/). Just looked at her credits woah she’s been in roughly six films a year (some independent some are Hollywood flicks), blimey, at least Willa Holland gave me a chance to catch up.

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