passing wind…

For those who believe we should totally rely on things such as wind power to ‘save the world.’ Wind held responsible in wind on wind turbine shocker…
In all seriousness though remember coal was used as jewelry before we even tapped into it’s potential for energy. The misanthropy of deathly prophecies about the world ending due to human’s not immediately downing tools and becoming luddites reliant on mummy nature are actually shortsighted despite claiming to predict the imagined future demise of man.

We need creative minds and the ambition of human endeavour to explore possibilities and take us forward not doom and gloom predictions of the sun falling from the sky. Contrary to ‘greens’ premonitions of the apocalyptic times just around the corner (the date keeps getting pushed back), humans convincing themselves the end is nigh in this manner is nothing new and certainly nothing useful to anyone (other than the self-absorption of the self-appointed saviours of the rest of us polluting scum).

Meanwhile as China opens about four coal power stations a week in the UK we sit like ducks and refuse to make use of our resources preferring to waste money and time building wind turbines that are knocked down by the wind. Reminds me of the Bill Hicks jokes about the militant health freak who wrote books on the virtues jogging then died of a heart attack. While jogging.

I think we should make use of our resources (Re-opening our mines would be a positive start) to keep energy cheap, efficient and independent meanwhile exploring alternatives rather than abandon everything to indulge the egos of afew bohemian ‘druids’ at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable who go cold every year.

I am strongly supportive of conservation and the countryside, I loathe the constant building over of our beautiful country to line the pockets of greedy developers, the over reliance on cars, the undemocratic nature of planning amongst other things and am a paid up member of the Campaign To Protect Rural England. This is not about paying attention to climate change deniers or or sticking our heads in the sand it is about acknowledging that there is a sensible approach overall to be taken that can never raise hypothetical preordained extinction scenarios above the welfare of the people. That is the crucial point that explains why the general malthusian disdain for the public (particularly the working class) even in areas such as having children or holidays combined with an odd worship of Gaia is why The Green Party only gain traction in trendy middle class areas where people do not have to worry about struggling to pay the heating bills. We must consistently refute The Green Party and their hippy fellow travelers when they bark about ‘solutions’ that ruin workers conditions, wages, employment in general and prohibit the less well off from enjoying the travel and diet of their choice.

Similarly we must refuse the inflation of fuel prices ( because of Green hysteria and taxes that results in fuel poverty for the elderly and many working class homes the precise cause of deaths from hypothermia. Green hype is just as responsible for these deaths as the energy companies.

Everyone knows Greens can’t stand the working class but It’s also worth noting that Green agendas often border on not only the racist (”oh how we wish those little brown people over there would stop mating they don’t know what is good for them!”) but also the Orwellian with regards to population control (  which the only logical conclusion to is mass genocide. Just this year famous Environmentalist David Attenborough called for population control and deemed mankind a ”plague on the Earth.” ( It is telling that Attenborough claims that “We keep putting on programmes about famine in Ethiopia; that’s what’s happening. Too many people *there.* They can’t support themselves” (emphasis mine). The fact is Ethiopia scarcely has a bigger population than the UK as any basic overview will tell you. But as usual the Green emphasis is on controlling and demonising the poorest and apparently the brownest. Besides as one commenter pointed out he doesn’t keep putting on programmes about famine he keeps putting on programmes about polar bears dying. Greens have great priorities not to mention world-wide knowledge as you can tell.

You may think only extremist Environmentalists consider things like population control or using the state to enforce similar things. This is not the case. Case in point the Green Party manifesto- ”Long-term trends in population size are proper considerations for public debate and *government policy.*” Not to mention a vast array of measures to change sex education to focus on environment (‘don’t have children you selfish human plague bringers’) and provide free condoms just about anywhere and everywhere. I suppose this will all be easily funded as we won’t have to support our elderly who will hopefully for the Greens have all frozen to death by this point. Enough on these misanthropic arseholes anyway who to me are a psuedo-religion worshiping a false idea of ‘Nature.’ (to them nature is anything that has a leaf on it and is nowhere near a human). Those with theological beliefs can find no home in the Green Party who despise the creation of human life. It disappoints me when I see good people join this party though, as I have, not realising they are supporting a bunch of anti-working class dimwits who loathe the humanity. I am aware that ‘socialist’ is a very loose term and generally in Britain describes a personal identity as much as broad inclinations, from my experience those using it in the UK generally are not speaking from an  abstract academic and certainly not a University Marxist world-view but rather a general societal belief in the Trade Union movement and social trends in this country that have emphasised workers rights, power and dignity. Any such people can find no spiritual home in the snobbish Green Party who hate both socialists and Christians. Greens totally disregard working conditions, faith and family in the name of a sadomasochistic obsession over a fantasy of mankind’s extinction. The Green ‘movement’ is a passing wind and I can’t wait for the stink to blow over.

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