‘feminist’ trolls ruining social media

I’m not a massive fan of James Delingpole but his piece on Bogpaper here is spot on about the nu-‘feminist’ internet ‘activists’ and their erroneous belief all women are incapable leafs who need their online vanguard of warrior wymen to defend them every time the conversation gets a little non-pc:

“I’ve just been catching up with Game of Thrones Season 3. It’s a bit of a disappointment, I must say, bearing the same relationship to its predecessors as your third ecstasy tab: not as good as the second; definitely, DEFINITELY not as good as the first.

Still, you go through the motions all the same because you know here and there you’ll find traces of the old magic. And also because when it doesn’t quite do the trick it gives you another thing to grumble about. That Daenerys, for example. What a sanctimonious young missy she has turned into.

In Season One, she was pretty much the main draw: looking pouty and blonde, getting taken from behind by the grunting Dothraki chieftain, earning much sympathy thanks to her frightful mistreatment by her vile brother.

But in Season Three she seems to have mutated into Polly Toynbee, not just humourless and self-righteous but seriously quite unpleasant. I can understand her underdog urge to free all the slaves but I can’t forgive her priggish high-handedness and moral certainty. Her treatment of Yunkai, for example. All right, it’s a slave city – but so was Britain a slave nation pre-Wilberforce. Imagine how annoying it would have been if say, in the 1780s, some priggish little blonde bint had been able to destroy us, just like that, because she had dragons and we only had the Royal Navy. I don’t think we would have liked it. And I don’t think it would have been right. But apparently George R Martin is a Democrat voter, so there you go.

Anyway, to the point. I thought I’d have a grumble about the above on my Facebook page, which is where I usually go for what I’d call my “mates down the pub” type chats. All are welcome, just so long as they understand the basic rule – which for me apply across the social networks: “We’re here to have fun and if you don’t like it, fuck off. No, really. FUCK RIGHT OFF.”

So here’s what I posted:

“I am really, REALLY angry with that stupid blonde cow of a Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones season 3. She used to be so fanciable. And now she’s just turned all priggish, self-righteous, bullying and, worst, dishonourable. She is RIGHT off my shag list.”

Many entertaining comments ensued, only to be interrupted by this one from a woman I’d never heard of, with a ridiculous first name which sounds a bit like Vomit. Here’s what she said:

“Well that is the most disgusting piece of sexist, misogynistic crap I’ve read today and I work for TROLL HAGS ANONYMOUS. You should be ashamed of yourself. You won’t be though.”

Her organization isn’t really called TROLL HAGS ANONYMOUS, by the way. I’m calling it by a pseudonym because I don’t want to give it any publicity. Basically, its aim is to eradicate misogyny from the internet.

So on and on this Vomit woman went, arguing with all those of my Facebook friends, male and female, who had the temerity to respond that she was talking ineffably tedious, Millie-Tant-style bollocks. And though I don’t suppose I mind a bit of trolling now and again – certainly gets a debate going – at the same time what struck me was this woman’s outrageous presumptuousness. She seemed to feel she had every right to barge into our conversation and give us her tuppenny ha’penny’s worth, whether we liked it or not. And personally I’m not sure that she did.

Earlier I used the analogy of a pub conversation.

Suppose you were sounding off in a pub on some contentious issue to your mates. You wouldn’t expect some stranger to just barge in and put you right, would you? It would be out of order. The very least they’d deserve would be to be told to mind their own business.

Yet in social media, this happens more and more.

The other day, for example, I posted on Twitter something about how nice it was to have a daughter who had just baked a cake for me. Yes, mildly provocative sexual stereotyping, I’d agree, but no worse than that. Certainly not enough to merit – as one Tweeter felt compelled to inflict on me – a series of sententious Tweets on, yup, sexual stereotyping and the correct way to bring up male and female children.


This woman knows NOTHING about me, save what she has been able to infer from my 140 character bulletins, which for all she knows may be sarcastic, ironic, self-parodic, provocative, or dead-in-earnest sincere. Which of these they are, however, ought to matter not one jot because, again, it is NONE OF HER FUCKING BUSINESS.

I know some will disagree with me here. They’ll go “Ooh yes, well once you’re on Twitter or Facebook, it’s public isn’t it?” or they’ll say something tedious about privacy settings.

No, you disagreers. You are missing the point.

If I’m writing a blog, say, for the Daily Telegraph that’s one thing: I have to be reasonably mindful of the paper’s advertisers and of its house rules.

But if I’m posting random thoughts up on Twitter or Facebook, that’s another story altogether. These are My playgrounds where I play with MY mates. (And your Twitter and Facebook pages are YOUR playgrounds where you play with YOUR mates.)

If you don’t like what I say, that’s your problem and it’s easily soluble: don’t read any of the stuff I write any more. It’s not like you don’t have a rough idea of who I am and where I’m coming from by now. It’s not like there’s any shortage of people out there writing the kind of crap it sounds like you do want to read: maybe Cherie Blair talking about sexual inequality; or George Monbiot on rewilding; whatever rocks your boat.

What I absolutely don’t accept though is that – outside the rules of libel – you have any right whatsoever to whinge about what I say, still less to campaign against my right to say it.

You may think you are a crusader for a great cause. You are not. You are a stinking, loathsome troll. You are the kind of sad loser who seeks attention and personal validation by being seen publicly to take offence over issues you had absolutely no need to be offended by because you could just as easily have shrugged your shoulders and looked the other way. That’s what normal people do in a free society. What you did, Ms Vomit is not normal, not healthy. Again, you and your kind are trolls. Fuck right off, the lot of you.” (http://bogpaper.com/2013/10/25/delingpole-on-friday-how-feminists-and-activist-trolls-ruined-social-media/)

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