What did the Church ever do for us?

Saw an online comment asking as much as that question to which somebody had already beaten everyone in replying a quick basic over-view for the hot head to begin with, (and it’s not even going into spiritual or social achievements in a broader sense). Reproduced here though for any similar dingbats who may be flapping through these parts…

”Are you utterly ignorant of history?
Churches provided the only public services for centuries often by the monasteries.
Who created the Universities? The Hospitals? The earliest schools? The Courts accessible to ordinary people and the lawyers who practiced there? Who taught the reading? Who provided the scribes, ” civil servants” the career ladder for the non-noble talented?
Who outlawed slavery in England in 1101?
Who made up the Anti-Slavery Society.
Where did the 19th Century Primary schools movement come from?
Did not the non-conformists pioneer manufacturing and the earliest concerns for working folk’s welfare with decent sanitary housing? The trades union movement was 50% socialist 50% Christian.
Elizabeth Fry. William Booth … and many others made major contributions to helping the poor. They were following Christian imperatives.
More up to date, CND, Oxfam, Christian Aid, even Women’s Aid and Food Banks owe much to Christian contribution, resources motivation and manpower.
Your traducing of easily available historical reference points is ludicrous.
You reveal yourself as prejudiced and historically under read.
I forgot Parish Relief – the only Social Security for centuries.”

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