( Wow. The Grauniad really excelling itself here with a uselessly pathetic piece attacking a celebrity(?) Heidi Klum and her Halloween costume. A quick google search tells me this Heidi is somebody famous but truthfully I have no idea who Heidi Klum is. I do not particularly care nor mind what costume she or anyone else had decided on for the American version of the festivity though, I can only hope she and everybody generally had fun. What however I do object to, and do not fully understand the need for, is this snobbish deriding of the fact Ms Klum dressed up as an old lady for Halloween from a supposedly serious newspaper.

”How dare Heidi Klum make light of that” (old age) we are told by this annonymous overly pious author crediting herself as the ‘Invisible Woman.’ Ooooh controversial. The article details at great length the writer’s personal turmoil at her singularly daft interpretation of the costume’s implications (apparently dressing up old equals malevolent mocking and wish for the gas chambers for everyone over 30) and the ensuing painful research into Klum’s ‘twitter comments’ confirming the unthinkable- that somebody was actually having abit of fun. According to Ms ‘Invisible’ the outfit should have been ”something profound,” for no apparent reason, a party round her house sounds like a riot. I intend to turn up as the physical manifestation of a prime number, in distress and undressed. Then we can all congratulate each other on our ”existential angst.”

As for Ms Klum how dare this vapid supermodel woman, (Guardian articles slating women who are famous for anything other than the noblest feminista causes are common place, class snobbery in ‘feminist’ clothing of course as Neil Davenport points out-, how dare she not constantly and preemptively police herself to the arbitray whims of the tender Guardian community who must act as victimised lambs by even the most trivial of things. Merely trying to enjoy oneself is seen as a scorn to the miserablism on the modern ‘left’ these days. Therefore she must be taken down a peg the pontificators at Guardian HQ decree.

And so the briefest of looks at the comments page reveal several rather unpleasant jokes about Ms Klum dying, afew horrible insults and a shade of facile jealousy for good measure. You just know you are in good company here. Finally one commenter comes to the rescue of British common sense and highlights the true seasonal horror of the moment- ‘The real outrage is that the author gets paid for this crap.’

Meanwhile the Red Cross is distributing food *in Britain* ( for the first time since the Second World War as we endure persistent cuts to services, the systematic dismantling of the NHS and all manner of devilish schemes from this extremist neo-liberal coalition.

It is clear the lame liberal left press will never get their priorities in order while employing intellectual non-entities such as ‘Invisible Woman.’ She’d like to think she has offered a biting riposte to a vacuous mocking of the elderly. In reality this ‘journalist’ has merely decided to take a superficial shit on someone elses recreation time to satisfy her need to appear ‘edgy.’ ‘Invisible Woman’ please do as your title suggests and disappear as a writer for all our sakes. The ghost at the feast indeed. Happy Shalloween one and all.

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