The last fat controller of Scotland

On a hot afternoon a couple of years back I was one of roughly four or five passengers on a bus in Stroud and the driver appeared slightly bladdered. I have little doubt of this as he drove up past the Hospital and the Holy Trinity and bizarrely swang a right instead of going straight on. Realising his error he loudly exclaimed ”Oh shit I’ve gone wrong” in the giddy tones of a man rather proud of his slip up. He then proceeded to reverse the bus and haphazardly carry on before making another mistake calling out, ”I’ve done it again!” while once more reversing in the middle of a main road. These were not the actions of a sober man.

When I hear Alex Salmond speak about so-called Scottish Independence I am reminded of this tipsy bus driver. Someone out of control behind the wheel of a large vehicle, fucking up, reversing and all the while cheering on his own inaccuracy. It is fair to say that Scottish ‘independence’ is one issue that currently separates those who think about politics carefully from those who placidly absorb what they are fed by the media. Unfortunately it is many who think of themselves as on the left who are being blind in this instance and making the case for ‘independence’ in the name of more ‘power to the people.’ Oh dear.

It’s all becoming rather embarrassing as once again an issue, (this time pensions) when properly scrutinised is seen to be a cheap referendum winning gimmick for Salmond that doesn’t actually add up or make any economic sense ( not to mention reveals the deliberate hiding of facts ( This is no shock to those of us who have been skeptical from the start. The SNP, who actually find most of their support in strong ex-Tory constituencies have always been a cynical vote snatching machine with little actual substance. Allowing sixteen year old voters a say at the referendum is a shallow ploy in the belief that waving afew Saltires around is enough for the SNP to manipulate these younger people into their daft way of thinking. I hope the youth turn out to vote in numbers and send a message back to the slimy cunt that they are not meek sheep to prop up his vanity project.

The fact is Alex Salmond will do almost anything to win the referendum to secure his dream of absolute power as the fat controller of Scotland. He has just recently been caught immorally moving £800,000 of public money into a propaganda warchest for the referendum. So not only is an unbalanced analysis of the likely outcomes of a ‘Yes’ vote being portrayed but also the tax-payer is being deceived and robbed to force the decision to go the way Salmond desires. And you trust this thieving and lying party to bring you more democracy and fair control? Don’t make me laugh.

The policies of the SNP that are currently popular will swiftly become unaffordable, the unnecessary barrier to business and movement within Britain will stifle shared prosperity and Scotland will have to move to a closer relationship with the EU. This decision will not bring about more autonomy or power to the average Scot as is being claimed, it’s a political game for yet more unaccountable idiots who don’t know what they are doing and do not care about the result for the public. Salmond will continue to make bizarre pledges ( that he cannot deliver right up until the day of the vote. It is tiresome and not to mention a disgrace that people on the left are lining up with horrible old anti-English prejudices to allow elites to play divide and rule in this manner. We must stick together, share resources, keep a strong army and protect one another. We are an island of friends, how absurd that I could soon be a foreigner to my pals in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

On the topic of affordability asses the following- ”Two groups of leading economic experts have said that we would face deep cuts or tax rises, if Scotland was to leave the United Kingdom. In separate reports, Glasgow University’s Centre for Public Policy for Regions (CPPR) and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) conclude that Scotland’s finances would be deeper in the red if we left the UK. As part of the UK, we get the best of both worlds: a successful Scottish Parliament making real decisions here in Scotland about Scotland – backed up by the strength and security of the bigger UK economy. The experts make clear that even with all the money from North Sea oil, an independent Scotland would still be in deficit. The CPPR report concludes: “there will be a net fiscal loss under independence, looking into the future.”

Despite running a deficit in 20 of the last 21 years, the SNP have said it intends to set up an oil fund. However, the report adds that not only would the SNP’s plans for an oil fund be “unaffordable” but: cuts to existing funding levels would need to be made in order to attain the same relative position as exists currently within the UK.” The IFS report also makes clear that an independent Scotland would face substantial tax increases or big cuts to public services, benefits and pensions, worth up to 6 billion. Taxes would have to rise by almost 14% if they were the sole method used to fill the fiscal black hole facing the government of an independent Scotland, according to the researchers.

In terms of where the cuts might fall, the report states: “An independent Scottish government undertaking such a fiscal tightening might well choose to cut public services or social security benefits rather than rely entirely on tax rises.” There was also strong criticism of Alex Salmond’s plan to cut taxes for big business.”

People forget the track record of economic illiteracy of Salmond, a man who ”cheered Fred Goodwin on in his takeover bid for ABN Amro – the deal that ultimately broke the bank. As late as March 2008, Salmond was still selling Edinburgh’s financial services buccaneers as evidence that Scotland could stand on its own as part of an “arc of prosperity” alongside Ireland, Iceland and the Nordic countries.” Yep. You read that correctly, Salmond hailed RBS as the pride of the ”Celtic Lion” economy. I don’t know what kind of zoos Salmond is familiar with or the conditions of the Lions they keep but suffice to say he appears to be no animal lover. (

Those of us on the ‘No’ side of the debate needn’t scaremonger about the unknown risks of this aping at ‘Independence’ as the evidence stacks up by itself and Salmond continues to openly delude himself. It is quite right that a free vote of Scots will decide this and I am confident they will send this fat controller packing as he drunkenly attempts to crash their great country into a brick wall before having to reverse, go cap in hand to the EU and bellow ”Oh shit I’ve gone wrong again!” like the merry bus drivers of Stroud. We are better avoiding this state of affairs. We are better together. And on a lighter note-

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